From then on I would identify myself on the phone as Tuna Neck.
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Dan Aykroyd's memories of his former fiancée, Carrie Fisher.
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What a gracious remembrance.
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It was a little weird... but then, I started reading it in his voice and run-on style and it became simply beautiful...
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This is full of beautifully expressed and heartfelt sentiment, but I especially loved this:

'Contemplating marriage, I gave Carrie a sapphire ring and subsequently in the romance she gave me a Donald Roller Wilson oil painting of a monkey in a blue dress next to a tiny floating pencil, which I kept for years until it began to frighten my children. '
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A snapshot of time.
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That Dan Ackroyd. Sometimes I disagree with him (Crystal Head vodka?), but in the end he's good folks. That last sentence in particular is nice.
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Paul Simon, Dan Ackroyd, Harrison Ford... Man, what a love life she had!
So funny to me that she could be so successful in life (fame, beauty, money, best selling books, talented boyfriends and a family life that seems to have been as close as it was crazy-- a doting if maddening mother, a loving daughter and a hilarious dog) and yet have spent her whole life feeling SO insecure, hating herself half the time. A reminder for all of us when we feel pathetic that truly awesome people often feel that way. smile emoticon:-) Also a reminder that mental illness and struggles with addiction don't have to prevent anyone from living an epic life. I wish someone would write a tribute like this for me after I die.
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OMG, in The 'Burbs she calls Rick Ducommun's (also RIP) character "Tuna Neck".

I presume now that that line may have been meant to be only fully appreciated by Dan Aykroyd.
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Nice words from The Ack.
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Boy, you really want a eulogy even half as nice as this when you go. Good on you, Ackroyd, for such a lovely remembrance.
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That Dan Ackroyd. Sometimes I disagree with him (Crystal Head vodka?)
Now, this I won't stand for...
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"That Dan Ackroyd. Sometimes I disagree with him (Crystal Head vodka?),"

Not Crystal Head but Crystal Skull. Inspired by these actual crystal skulls.
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Original Owsley. Now that's just bragging.
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I would call it Name Dropping
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The name of the brand is, in fact, Crystal Head vodka, even if it comes in a skull. I assume someone else had the crystal skull alcohol trademark.
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People are different, I guess. That really fell flat for me. It was more about him than her. To be fair, it's his memories, and they are what they are, and who am I to judge their friendship? But it sure came across like, "Oh Carrie? Yeah, I fucked her."

Also the pull quote is not an exact quote even though it's in quote marks, which irrationally pisses me off.

Maybe it's just because I'm in an especially bad mood today.
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Anyone know what a "threep" is?
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$20, same as in town.
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From the context, I was thinking "threep" might have been either a reference to a C-3PO imitation or perhaps something like an SBD. Actual intensive internet research tells me, however, that it is an alternate spelling of "threap," which means, variously, to scold, contradict, rebuke, argue or bicker.

Also, how great must it have been to be able to make John Belushi laugh?
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As an individual on the Autism Spectrum, and a nerd who's first on screen crush was Princess Leia, this is especially awesome/hard to read in light of Carrie's passing.
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I don't think it's the reference he's making, but MeFi's own Scalzi uses the word "threep" as short for C3PO in his novel Lock-In, to refer to human-controlled android bodies used by victims of a plague that creates the eponymous "lock-in" syndrome.
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Also: Man, it sucks to get dumped, but is it better or worse when you're dumped for Paul Simon in his prime?
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