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Extra Ordinary Comics (Warning, contains cute) via /r/wholesomememes

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These are really nice! Thank you!
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I love how in 400, juice boxes take the place of smoking.
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I've been reading Extra Ordinary for couple of years now, and I find I need it more of late. Something calm, whimsical, and totally apolitical is good for my mental health.
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I have also followed exocomics for years and bought her books a few years ago, which Li got so much support for that after that she decided to work on the comic full-time. The books feature beautiful cover artwork and were totally worth it; highly recommend!
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I was prepared to write this completely off, as it kept tripping my cute-fusebreaker – somehow the internet keeps requiring me to upgrade that fuse. Clicking on random strips, a lot of the stuff reminded me of James Kochalka or Jeffrey Brown, but with the cute knob turned way past 11. But there was something I still liked about it, and I couldn't figure out what. As I powered through, I finally reached "400" and was won over. Great colors, excellent interface, well-paced story, fun characters, and just the right amount of cute without making it treacly. Thanks for posting this.
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Not political?! In 448 a whale gets deported!

It should have been issued a Cetacean.
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r/wholesomememes is my favorite refuge in these dark times.
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