When Pete Seeger isn't enough
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This is an awesome post, thank you. Can someone do the same for hip hop?

FDT Part 1, Part 2
Letter to Donald Trump
Hip Hop
We the People
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Yassssss thanks heaps for this post. Glad to see some altenatives to the current crop. Good place to mention that the ubiquity of This Land Is Your Land has been called out by many Native women on twitter as feeling quite thoughtless and excluding. Just something to keep in mind.

Also this is where I stump for Nobody Speak?
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ohhh shiiiiiiiiiii cuing up my entire evening/morning/weeks til 2020...
love pete, but you know it's all about this funk. great collection!
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UB40 - Rat In Mi Kitchen
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Lordy lordy do I need this. MANY thanks.
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Nice set of links, good post, vathek.
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Multicellular Exothermic's post reminds me of the one joke that made me LOL in the recent Ricky Gervaise movie. When the rapper Brent has hired to play on his UK tour talks about how now he knows how the brothers in UB40 must have felt.

More funk

Get up, get into it, get involved.

There's a lot of Chocolate Cities around.
We're a winner
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And to kick it old school ....
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Is it Tackhead time?
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Thank you so much!
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Tragedy Khadafi / Intelligent Hoodlum: Arrest The President.
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When Pete Seeger isn't enough

Maybe a bit of punk folk?
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I always loved Pete's "Wasn't That a Time?" because he celebrated the courage of ordinary Americans.
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Some more on the We're all in this together front from Funkadelic.
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Most excellent post, vathek; lots to dig through & dig. Many thanks!
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My friend just noticed this thread was missing Killer Mike's Reagan
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