SmellsLike Teen Spirit x1000
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Rockin'1000 (previously: 1, 2, 3), made up of 1000+ musicians from around the world, performed a full concert in Cesena, Italy in July 2016. They've just released the official video to Smells Like Teen Spirit; drummer Lorenzo Setti has a playlist of some of the other songs from his camera.
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having watched Smells Like Teen Spirit and Rebel Rebel, even the songs I usually don't want to listen to like anything from the overrated White Stripes is going to be amazing.
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That was really, really fun!
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Just think how many times they had to go through it before they got a take where none of them fucked it up!
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Either this mixdown makes it sound much smaller or these musicians are really so perfectly on time that I just can't hear a lot of them.. hm.
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Bigendian... agreed. Wonder if theres a main band they are following and we are gettinf a mix of 90% that band. Case in point the snare work is just slightly off from how dave grohl played it. So did everyone get sheet music and rehearse for weeks? Or are we just getting a dry mix. Id be just as entertained hearing the cacophony...
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For example listen to their excellent version of learning to fly. Much softer wider sound. Very clearly sounds like 1000s of people...
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Ok. Now that ive said all that, still love every single one of these!
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Technically this is a double, but let this stay becuase I didn't have access to the videos yet.
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Who knew there were 15 bagpipers in Cesena?
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Look what we can do.
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Fun! The woman in the hat and glasses who jumped in drumming on Seven Nation Army was having a blast!
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Is that Grohl or just a lookalike?
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That was really fun! I'd love to participate/just be there at one of those concerts.
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Here we are now – entertain us.
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Yeah, no way are we hearing all of the musicians in the video mix. (I can tell from the pixels.)

It's a baffling editing decision, considering that the entire point of the project is for 1000+ musicians to perform songs together.
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(Then again, can you imagine mic'ing and mixing that many musicians? In a live situation where you have to deal with feedback, crowd noise, the acoustics of a room that wasn't designed for this, and musicians varying widely in experience with this sort of thing? Oy.)
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As I watched I was overcome with the scope of all the electronics this must have required.
Assuming everyone is plugged in and fed into... something. The world's biggest mixing board?
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Probably a bunch of submixers (one for guitars, one for vocals, one for bass...), each feeding into a channel on a main board.
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(actually, I would love to read about how this was engineered)
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I would love to hear the roadie story from that.
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