Signs and Symbols: The Warburg Institute
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The Warburg Institute Iconographic Database. "The Warburg Institute is the premier institute in the world for the study of cultural history and the role of images in culture. It is cross-disciplinary and global. It is concerned with the histories of art and science, and their relationship with superstition, magic, and popular beliefs. Its researches are historical, philological and anthropological. It is dedicated to the study of the survival and transmission of cultural forms – whether in literature, art, music or science – across borders and from the earliest times to the present."

Gestures and Expressions: Cannibalism
Gestures and Expressions: Fighting
Gestures and Expressions: Pulling a Face
Gods and Myths: Castor and Pollux, on foot without horses
Gods and Myths: Venus bathing
Gods and Myths: Diana, hunting, alone
Gods and Myths: Minerva, myth, birth
Gods and Myths: Creation of the Universe
Gods and Myths: Jupiter, Single Figure, Standing
Gods and Myths: Saturn, and his children, with a child, not yet devouring it
History: Ancient, Cato the Younger
History: Ancient, Cleopatra, Census of Antique Art Known to the Renaissance
Magic and Science: Hieroglyphica
Magic and Science: Writing systems, Greek
Magic and Science: Mathematics, Geometry, Measuring with a Compass
Magic and Science: Medicine, anatomy, skeletons
Magic and Science: Alchemy, Alchemists
Magic and Science: Astronomy and Astrology, Maps and Globes, Celestial Maps
Magic and Science: Astronomy and Astrology, Constellations, Zodiac
Magic and Science: Astronomy and Astrology, Stars, Named Stars, Sirius
Magic and Science: Astronomy and Astrology, Planets, Represented as Planetary Deities, Cycles, Cycles of Seven, In a Single Image
Magic and Science: Astronomy and Astrology, Equinoxes and Solstices
Religious Iconography: Biblical Cycles, Murals, Vatican City
Religious Iconography: Biblical Cycles, Printed Cycles, Il Nuovo Testamento di Giuso Christo
Religious Iconography: Biblical Cycles, Manuscripts, Bibles with narrative illustrations in the text, Munich 1430 et seq, Acts of the Apostles
Religious Iconography: Life of Christ, Infancy, Nativity, Joseph Holding or Doing Things
Social Life: Domestic Life, Children, Without adults
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The Warburg previously on Metafilter.
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There was a fascinating article about the Warburg in The New Yorker a couple of years ago, which was posted to the Blue. It's a really interesting institution.
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Also home of the original paintings for Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot, painted by Lady Frieda Harris
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The Adam Gopnik article linked above is a nice introduction to the deep weirdness of Aby Warburg's thought, but for anyone wanting more, Georges Didi-Huberman's 2002 book on Warburg has finally been translated into English as The Surviving Image: Phantoms of Time and Time of Phantoms. Karen Lang's Chaos and Cosmos is also pretty good at situating Warburg in early 20th century art history.
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The lutes were cool but I went with a different daycare.
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Antiquities: Baths: Category Empty

Well that was a bit of a tease.

They use stuff out of Cesare Ripa's Iconologia, which is a handy to book to have.
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I also enjoy Crap Hound's approach.
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Warning: Graphic Content
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Thanks for the tip, lagomorphius! There's some great stuff in there ( search results here).
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"not yet devouring it"
"devouring it"
"thinking about devouring it"
"regretting devouring it"
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