Angry birds. And dogs. And cats. And frogs. And fish. And more cats.
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Lest all of you think that these pictures are just frivolous....

I give you the mad bluebird. Michael Smith, an electrician who did photography as a hobby snapped that picture in 1979, and shortly thereafter sold one-time use to National Geographic. A year or so after that, they used it in a cover story about bluebirds.

And people went fucko bazoo over it, and were flooding Nat Geo with calls asking how they could get a copy. They directed them all to Smith, who started selling prints of it.

By 1990 he was able to retire from being an electrician, build his dream house and devote himself to photography full time, all based on that one picture of a grumpy looking bluebird.
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The face I make when wading through the election/potus threads shall hereafter be referred to as my Angry Bluebird Face.
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I tried to find an animated gif of Christopher Lee in Gremlins 2 scowling while saying 'Cute...isn't it?'. I failed.
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After the first delightful page or so, I found this to be too much of a good thing. Then I read that charming story about Michael Smith and now I'm sad. How can man survive in this world of hot and cold running animal photos? How can our endorphin and seratonin make sense of this endless landscape of pleasure? What single piece of art or culture will ever again be truly and deeply observed while our wild eyes flit from one distraction to the next, never finding a truly compelling perch? Knowing only the frenzied, fleeting hunt, we are become the unhappy bluebird.
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I love the entry with the dog who has "been denied a trip to the park". It would be great with a comic bubble that said "If you only knew....I'm waiting until we get home so I can crawl in the closet and take a shit in your shoes."
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Angry Beaker.
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Resting Angry Bluebird Face
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#8 Earl the Grumpy Puppy looks like a former coworker. He wasn't particularly grumpy, he just had that face.
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Did this site steal from sadanduseless or visa versa? Or does it not matter? Or is that why the animals are grumpy? Grumpy? Or Angry? So many useless questions. Or sad?
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Most cats are self-cleaning and do not appreciate bathtime.
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