Enter ... The Tickler!
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Enter ... The Tickler! A page documenting all the villians that Spider-Man faced on that classic Tv Show The Electric Company. Among them "The Mouse: A happy-go-lucky man until an errant associate at McDonald's forgets to put cheese on a specially-ordered Big Mac.He dons a mouse costume and becomes a glutton for cheese."
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This is great. But does anyone know where to find stuff about "The Great Space Coaster"? Easily the weirdest of the hippy-influenced children's programming genre.
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Great Space Coaster: Boo-yah.

This This American Life episode features a hilarious story about a 10-year old kid who lied about being one of the cast memebers on Zoom (Warning: will get the Zoom theme song stuck in yoiur head for the remainder of your life.)
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The sad thing is: as soon as I read The Tickler! I immediately harkened back to Terri DeSisto.

I have no life.
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No g-nus is good g-news with Gary Gnu!
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Every time I see Morgan Freeman, I can only think of Easy Reader, which makes watching him in grown-up movies really hard.

Oh..and as a child, I fully believed that my address was "Box 350, Boston Mass, 02134." (Send a SASE!)
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Wasn't their a villian who had something to do with a can of tomato soup? I don't see that one in there, but it's the only Spider-Man villian I seem to recall from the Electric Company.
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In my unending quest to turn every waking moment into some sort of Simpsons reference, I present:

Fallout Boy: Billowing backpacks, Radioactive Man: it's the worst villain of them all -- the Scoutmaster!

Radioactive Man: I see him, Fallout Boy.

Scoutmaster: [a la Paul Lynde] Go get 'em, scouts.

[Batman music plays as a large fight ensues]

Don't be afraid to use your nails, boys!

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Aww...no pictures. I don't remember any of these villains, but I might if I saw a visual.
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"The Can Crusher"
Cast: Jimmy Boyd as The Can Crusher.

When the Can Crusher was just a little boy, he visited a soup factory and his pet frog jumped into a vat of tomato soup. Obsessed with finding his lost pet, the Can Crusher ventured forth in a black jumpsuit w/crazy hair & red nose, invading supermarkets and such, crushing every can he could get a hold of. Spiderman never caught this one. The Can Crusher defeated him in battle and escaped.
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what a site. ah, memories.
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I had no memory of the extent of the Yeti's shenanigans...I had remembered only his sitting upon italian ices, but it seems that he also tormented grape sodas and ice cream cones. I really have no memory of those other villains except for Conk and Bonk. Why aren't re-runs of these on tv, when Mama's Family is on with I-Love-Lucy regularity?
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I didn't think this was worthy of a front page post. It's slightly off topic but is about Spider-Man. I found a link to an allegedly early draft of the movie that will hit theaters the first week of May. It's supposedly the second or third draft of the script, dated 1993. Unfortunately as of the 16th, the sponsoring website's been told to stop making more recent versions of the script publically available, but the old 93 version is still there.

It's not exactly a spoiler. The enemy in this script is Doctor Octopus and not the Green Goblin. Also some of the dialogue is stiff and forced. If this script is actually an early draft of what became the movie, it's easy to see why they didn't just run with this version. However the basic plot structure is there and my guess is that at least parts of this script will mirror the movie. I hope to God there's no mention of planetary convergence or "Anti-Force" though. That's worse than the technobabble in Star Trek Voyager.

As for the old Electric Company references to Spider-Man, I was always partial to Blue Beetle myself.
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Every time I see Morgan Freeman, I can only think of Easy Reader, which makes watching him in grown-up movies really hard.

I saw someone on TV ask Freeman about Easy Reader and he got pissed.

He doesn't like to talk about his Easy Reader days.
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