This stationery and design blog is Present & Correct.
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The store Present & Correct has a "long-term obsession with stationery ... Paper and office objects which are inspired by homework, the post office and school." Their blog is a well-curated collection featuring delightful links to animation and film, graphics, packaging, edibles (previously), and much more. Nice Instagram, too.
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This is like the Michelle7 of productivity porn, isn't it? Bookmarked for when I finally completely lose it and decide to grid everything.
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[this is good]
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Oh no no no no no. Did not need to see Bulgarian hotel stamps from 1972 and Bulgarian folklore stamps from 1964 and Japanese bird stamps from the late '50s and, um, this amazing book on graphic stamps.

Flagged as "hazardous to my nonexistent liquid income."
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The most recent blog entry is Soviet era radio station trademarks which made me tingly down to my toes. I may have to block this site at work tomorr to have any prayer of getting work done.
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Jumping cats
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this is my ongoing centering and calming website.
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The founder of Present & Correct, Neil Whittington, was a former designer at Winkreative. You may recognize Winkreative for their work on such projects as rebranding Air Canada and Swissair, along with their deep ties to Monocole magazine. Monocole's founder, Tyler Brûlé, was also the founder of Wallpaper* magazine.

All of the above lineage explains a lot as to why P&C is the way that it is.
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my goodness, this is delightful
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