I give you my heart (and other organs)
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Valentine's Day is almost over across the world, but if you've forgotten a card for your loved one, it's not too late to send An ecard inspired by that most romantic of filmmakers.
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Bookmarking these for next year, thanks!
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Printing out a Videodrome one and penning in "Ours is the video love made flesh."

My wife will love it...it's a good thing we found each other.
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Kinda related: when TIFF here in Toronto put on a Cronenberg retrospective a couple of years ago, the gift shop had a baby onesie on sale that was emblazoned with "Long Live the New Flesh."
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Thank you for this gift.
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*inserts Looney Toones video in belly vagina*
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Even a card from Crimes of the Future. I'm impressed.
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I get *SHIVERS* whenever I see you...
Your love makes me want to make "eastern promises" *wink wink*
When can we have that "naked lunch" you keep hinting at?
Why are your orifices all weepy and for god's sake, why are they all talking in different languages?
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Valentine, could you rub some of that powder on my lips?
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