The Future of the Body
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The Future of the Body: Just as individual bodies change with time, so does the body collectively. How long we live, how we conceive of dis/ability, how we eat and sleep and use technology—all are influenced as much by our moment in history as by our individual life stories. This month our writers take a look at the cultural and technological patterns that shape our somatic selves and cast their minds into the future, to think about the human body not simply as it is, but as it’s likely to be. posted by mandolin conspiracy (4 comments total) 20 users marked this as a favorite
This is a fantastic post, thank you for making it!
posted by iamkimiam at 7:48 AM on February 15, 2017

Nice post
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Regards the technology in the body adaptive: That there are so many ways the lives of those with disabilities can be enhanced today is wonderful, but the line dividing the haves and the have-nots keeps getting wider to the point that that there is no crossing it for many. So many lives and talents wasted in this country among the able bodied, and 99.9% of the poor disabled are invisible.
posted by BlueHorse at 7:35 PM on February 15, 2017

Wow, loving that interview with Sarah Hendren, the second-to-last link. She's so cool!
posted by gold-in-green at 11:14 PM on February 15, 2017

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