The Angriest Dog in the World (not a Westminster Dog Show post)
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From 1983 to 1992, David Lynch published a cartoon in independent papers. The images were supposedly always exactly the same.

The opening box always read:

The dog who is so angry he cannot move
He cannot eat
He cannot sleep
He can just barely growl
Bound so tightly with tension and anger, he approaches the state of rigor mortis

For some of us, the strip is a defining image of the 80s.

He has said in interviews that the origin of the strip was his inexplicable anger.

It is said that he is composing strips again but I can't confirm it.
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Hey did you know David Lynch is actually a time traveler and has seen 2017 before?
I mean I always had my suspicions, but now I am sure.
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Even David Lynch makes the occasional dad joke.
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I am completely unable to explain my absolute love for Angriest Dog but I love it very much.

Also one of my favorite FPPs I had the pleasure of posting got its title from this.
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Pete has a police record.
What does he have a police record for?
I guess he likes Sting and their music.

OK, Lynch, that's pretty solid.
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"If everything is real ...then nothing is real as well."

OMG. Jaden Smith is a young David Lynch.
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dinosaur comics, evolved.
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I had no idea these existed. Thank you.
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I loved these when they first appeared. Fun stuff.
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Some more.
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The Angriest Westminster Dog Show In The World
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I am so glad that Dinosaur Comics made this joke 13 years ago, and glad that I now understand.
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No wonder he's so angry: he isn't a dog at all -- he's some kind of weird land barracuda locked into a permanent identity crisis by these fools who mistook him for a dog!
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I deeply appreciate the "That's it, burn it all down!" puns.
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I respectfully submit: a David Lynch/K.C. Green mashup
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I subscribed to Angriest Dog and Life in Hell for my small magazine back in the early 90s. Angriest Dog let us pay for each strip, whereas Life in Hell was paid for strictly per week. Since my magazine only came out once every six months or so, that didn't work out so well.
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User92371, I had a Life In Hell cartoon called "What Will You Say on Your Deathbed?" that I cut out while I was first doing hospice volunteer work and that stayed with me for literally years, until it finally crumbled. The best one was: "I'm sorry. I really mean it this time."
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Holy shit, here it is! I love the Internet!
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This definitely calls for an "it me".


it me
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More evidence that I do not understand the allure of David Lynch (see also: Dune, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway)
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kyrademon: "More evidence that I do not understand the allure of David Lynch (see also: Dune, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway)"

Obviously someone that has never tried melange.
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I love this, I love Dune, I am having a harder and harder time with the fact that it's the same person.
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Always looked forward to this cartoon in the Voice. Great stuff.
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BTW, thanks for the link to images. I was trying to explain this to the SO the other day. Now I can just show her.
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Needs a max cannon mashup.
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Always read it, rarely laughed. Like many, found it obtuse and later, after realizing it was gone, didn't miss it. Lynch's movies much better.
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There have been a lot of things from the past that have come up recently that seem frankly bizarre, and I don't remember them at all. Which muddies the water when I'm trying to decide if this really is a horrible simulation that keeps changing all the time.

I'm going to go with the vague feeling that I did see this back in the day. There were a lot of odd and questionable comics back then.
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I never really got it but I always read it because I really wanted to get it.
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I remember these and not really getting them which hey philistine me. I appreciate them more now - middle age.
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This was my first experience with "weird comics" as a child person.
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