Social engineering!
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Social engineering! Gender labelling! Corporate self-aggrandizement! It's all here in a nice variety of formats on the Internet Moving Images Archive. 'Educational' films spanning several decades in all of their cheezy glory. Now, if only I could find 'Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land.'
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Link joyfully obtained from A/V Geeks.
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We watched Donald Duck in Mathmagic land in my highschool Calc class. (like, a year ago.)
So incredibly cool.
What better way to learn the mean value theorem but by watching Goofy speed his way from tollbooth to tollbooth, and having the smarty pants tollbooth operator toss a little quick averaging his way, then have him arrested for speeding. Classic.
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For those not wishing to follow the RealVideo links, the first is Helping Johnny Remember, followed by Why Study Home Economics?, and the last is Freedom and Power (from General Electric).

umberto, when linking to streaming content and especially to large files, it's considered polite to clue people in.
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It's got "Duck & Cover"! Fantastic link.
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