Synthesize the Soul: Astro-Atlantic Hypnotica
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"Via Bandcamp's Album of the Day blog: 'Synthesize the Soul: Astro-Atlantic Hypnotica From the Cape Verde Islands 1973-1988' By 1975, the Cape Verde islands and Guinea-Bissau were free from Portuguese rule, embarking on the long journey of post-colonial reformation. Throughout the next decade and a half, the cultural life of the Cape Verdean islands exploded, giving birth to a number of bands who took the islands’ traditional/indigenous styles and fused them with Portuguese fado (the folk music of Portugal’s urban poor and working class), while also taking influences from the rock and R&B sounds that had been coming over from the States.

"This eclectic mixture of musical ingredients helped produce a dynamic music community that would carry the spirit of the Cape Verde islands around the world.

"[The album] explores the broad range of electrifying music that blossomed up from this small cluster of islands. Primarily consisting of guitar-and-keyboard-driven, uptempo dance music, the tracks have strong stylistic resemblances to other musical styles of the Afro-Atlantic diaspora, most notably zouk music—as well as Trinidadian soca and the bachata music of the Dominican Republic."
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Totally digging this...its been my work soundtrack today!
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Sounds cool, thanks. Tavares of 'Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel," fame are of Cape Verdean-American extraction as well, IIRC.
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Thanks for this!
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Right, that's going to be my work soundtrack tomorrow.
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This is soooooooo great. Love these crate-digger labels.

Here are some of my other favorites:
Laila Je T'aime (Sahel guitar music)
Turkish Freakout
Persian Funk
Cold Heat - Heavy Funk Rarities
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If you like this, don't miss out on Analog Africa's Space Echo - The Mystery Behind the Cosmic Sound of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed! .. as well as everything else they release.
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