“We [white people] tend to have blind spots about the way it all works.”
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The Scene On Radio podcast, produced and hosted by John Biewen at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies has often looked at race over the past two seasons. (More episodes listed inside.) Beginning in 2017, the podcast has started taking on nothing but that one, central issue:

Other, earlier episodes in which race has featured include but are not limited to:
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This sounds like a great project and I'm downloading some episodes now.

I keep coming across signs that universities are doing all kinds of cool things like this, and I wish they had greater visibility. Thanks for highlighting this, Going to Maine!
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I've been following Stacia Brown ever since a friend pointed me to this blog entry. She's pretty amazing.
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Just what I needed at the right time and yet THERE IS NO TIME.

Um, thanks.
posted by allthinky at 4:37 PM on March 2, 2017

Thanks, subscribed to the podcast.
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