B is for Boxers & Babies
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Astrid adopts her new baby human. Nikki and her baby human Kai have known each other longer and are more demonstrative. If you liked those, please enjoy this compilation of boxers and their baby humans.
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I enjoy in the second video the small person and big doggy finding common ground and bonding over their mutual interest in licking.
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My name is Dog.
I lik the babe.
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The second video reminds me of the T H White book Sword in the Stone where Arthur licks his dog and Merlin observes that most people would have an issue with that but really no more worrying than the other way around. (Google and memory fails me as to exact line. God, I need to buy that book for my young un.)
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Those babies are going to have the best immune systems ever! :D So cute.
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The second video reminds me of the T H White book

I've got it on Kindle, so a quick search and...here you go!
The kennel was on the ground floor, near the mews, with a loft above it, so that it should be cool inn summer and warm in winter. The hounds were alaunts, gaze-hounds, lymers and braches. They were called Clumsy, Trowneer, Phoebe, Colle, Gerland, Talbot, Luath, Luffra, Apollon, Orthros, Bran, Gelert, Bounce, Boy, Lion, Bungey, Toby, and Diamond. The Wart’s own special one was called Cavall, and he happened to be licking Cavall’s nose—not the other way about—when Merlyn came in and found him.

“That will come to be regarded as an insanitary habit,” said Merlyn, “though I cannot see it myself. After all, God made the creature’s nose just as well as he made your tongue.

“If not better,” added the philosopher pensively.

-- White, T. H.. The Once and Future King (p. 37). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.
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My first memory is of being smooched by two boxers in the sunny backyard of my childhood home so this is just wonderful! Another A+ post per usual, Johnny Wallflower
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I am not a baby, although I often act like one. I got to meet an awesome boxer mix named Hank (all dogs named Hank are automatically The Best) on my vacation and he decided I was the greatest. Which was fine because Hank was also the greatest. So I relate to this.

I miss Hank but he's got a good family. I hope to see him again.
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What have we here?
New human pup.
My favrit taste,
I cuddle up.

The jealous mom,
she push away.
I go around.
I lik the babe.
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One of the dogs I remember most fondly from my childhood was my parent's friends boxer, called Tania. Nothing I've experienced later has robbed me of the notion that boxers are very good dogs indeed.
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I did not realize this was a Boxer thing. Our sweet baby (or, now, senior) Roxy is not generally very affectionate, unless we leave the house for more than two minutes, and then she will moan and wiggle and cry until we put ourselves in a position to be kissed - disgustingly - at length. And she will punch you with her boxer paws if you don't let her.
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I had a boxer-bulldog mix when I was a kid. Sweetest temperament ever, but I don't recall lickfests. She loved playing tug-of-war.
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Omg yes please. That baby's nasty cackle in the last video. <3
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