Ten years of instrument-a-day
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Ten years of instrument-a-day From the original Projects post: Every February, I try to make a new musical instrument (in the loosest-possible sense) every day of the month. Nearly all of them are documented in photos and/or video. I just finished the tenth year of instrument-a-day. [via mefi projects]

(Also from the original Projects):

I gave about this and other projects at the Eyeo Festival last year. [45 minute vimeo]

Instrument-a-day was inspired by the now-defunct
thing-a-day project. I posted about i-a-d in 2012, but now there's twice as many instruments!

The flickr collection offers an alternate way to browse through all the projects.

Today's video shows every single one of the instruments* in order, five per second.
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Ah! Well this answers the question of which one of you is fuzbal on instagram with the cute dog and the interesting things. I was wondering.
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Ooh nice, like the loose interpretation of "instrument." 23 was cute, a cacophany of nonsense British (synthesized?) speech, and 22 ("lil' squeaky?" - is that literally just a battery and clicker?). Lots to explore.
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I saw that talk at Eyeo last year! Even in an event full of remarkable talks, that one stood out. Maybe my favorite instrument was the match stuck to a contact mic. Sadly, the video seems to not be live anymore.

Another thing that made the talk so remarkable was Ranjit's "opening of the books", going over how he made his money in the past year. It's an aspect of art that seldom gets discussed, and it was interesting to hear him talk about that.
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It's been really fun to watch and listen to all these on Instagram, yes.

I hereby second that fuzbal's dog is THE CUTEST. As is phunniemee's.
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