Wheelchair man: Turning myself into a superhero
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Mohammad Sayed was abandoned by his family in Afghanistan after his house was bombed and he was left paralysed. Now he has become a US citizen, and designed a comic book superhero - Wheelchair Man - based on his own life story.

Sayed's idea of not giving up hope and started to shift when he learned about Mahatma Gandhi. That was his introduction to using non-violence as a weapon, and the whole concept blew his mind. “Before learning about Gandhi, my role models were warlords,” Sayed says. “And I said I wish I had my legs so I could go kill these bastards — the Taliban.” Those warlords were replaced with Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela.

While studying at NuVu, an experimental high school in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Sayed made several inventions to help people who use wheelchairs. He was invited to the 2015 White House Science Fair and presented his inventions to President Obama.
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Thank you for posting this. What an inspiring, amazing young man. People like Sayed are what make this country great, despite what so many of us seem to believe these days.
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Are there any major mainstream US comics characters who use wheelchairs anymore? Professor X (usually) did and so did Oracle, but he's dead and she's been "cured" for 6 years now.
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What about that role that Samuel L. Jackson played in M. Night Shylaman movie with Bruce Willis? He was 'made out of glass' because of like severe osteoporoses and had to use a wheelchair.
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This 47-year-old paraplegic is hella-inspired right now.
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What about that role that Samuel L. Jackson played
Unbreakable...Mr. Glass
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I've seen this guy before.
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