of salary men, ikumen and lunchbox boys
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Sweetness and Lightning's Counter-Hegemonic Masculinity -- Youtuber Pause and Select examines how one of lat year's most adorable anime series showcases the changing nature of masculinity in Japan.
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Thank you for this! It is a charming and interesting intersection of some of my favorite things: cooking, comics, and redefining gender norms. Also, I've been really into slice-of-life narratives. Can't wait to read the manga (I can never seem to prioritize my TV watching the way I prioritize my comic reading ).
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This Pause and Select channel is pretty neat!
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AMVs and Transformative Storytelling claims (although it is not the thesis) that the difference between Russian and American AMVs is the former tends to snip and remix clips to tell a story that subverts the original source, while the latter scene values concisely expressing the essence of the original anime.

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