A Daily Data Feed For The US Treasury
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Every day at 4pm, the United States Treasury publishes data tables summarizing the cash spending, deposits, and borrowing of the Federal government. These files catalog all the money taken in that day from taxes, the programs, and how much debt the government took out to make it happen. It comes from a section of the U.S. Treasury called the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.
We have created the first-ever electronically-searchable database of the Federal government's daily cash spending and borrowing. (Treasury.io) It updates daily and the data can be exported in various formats and loaded into a variety of systems.
Created back in 2013 by @csvsoundsystem, maintained on GitHub.
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There isn’t much to say about a thing that is what it is, and is entirely sufficient in its being just that.
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Don't expect this to last in our new culture of openness and freedom.
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