Intersectional foodies of PDX
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Started as a reaction to the (mostly) so-white Portland Oregon food scene, Racist Sandwich is a podcast where Soleil Ho, Zahir Janmohamed, and a variety of guests take on both the local scene and broader topics exploring the intersection of food, race, gender, and class. They also maintain the PDX POC Food Directory of restaurants and grocery stores owned and operated by people of color.
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That POC food directory is great. There was a facebook list circulating a couple of years ago, but it was tough for me to keep up with.
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The bonus episode talks about this, but their interview with Celeste Noche about food photography (episode 14) got picked up by the BBC among others, and then caught the attention of Breitbart (I won't link to it), which has lead to some nasty attention thrown their way the past week or so.

Soleil is a friend, so I would probably listen anyway, but the podcast has great guests and the discussions are pretty interesting (I say, as an outsider who has never been to Portland and who is not in the food scene except as a consumer)
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That food directory is a pretty solid highlight reel of PDX food. Nong's and Kim Jong Grillin' are two of my favorite food places in town.
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i am podcast ignorant with the exception of One From The Vaults so this is fuckin' rad and +1 to awesome POC owned food list. fuck yes
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also god damn, fuckin nong's, i am 1000% full of lentil soups right now and i want to fill in the edges with chicken so bad now
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Here is the Facebook event page for last year's Support Black-Owned Restaurants Days (Aug. 27-29). It has the list, but if you don't have Facebook then this Willamette Week article should have a list as well.
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There are so many excellent POC-owned restaurants in Hillsboro for PDX folks willing to venture out that far. Amelia's, Peppers, Syun, Maharaja, Oasis, Vivi's, Chennai Masala....
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Oh and Curry & Crust for a combo Indian/pizza buffet which includes pizza topped with Indian entrees sometimes which is amazing.
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