Kilted Yoga
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"From cat yoga to paddle board yoga, we thought we’d seen about every niche yoga class out there. But then, we stumbled across kilted yoga." [Huffpo][NSFWish]

This could do more to promote kilts than another royal wedding.
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Don't forget DOOM YOGA
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I've been following one of those guys on Instagram for a long time before this. (Finlay0901) I swear the knots he can tie himself in should not be possible.
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The Outlander fan pages on fb have been all over this.
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I remember in the late 70s, in a Denver comedy group, spawned by Second City, writing a skit/song about yoga for pets. Also one about cowpunk (although I called it countrypunk in the skit). Was I psychic? Everything that was funny then you can find in Brooklyn today. Heavy metal yoga is one target I missed, stupidly. It would have been funny...
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I'll be in my bunk.
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I would just like to say that the older/newer on this post is pretty funny.
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Kilted Yoga (in Scots slang)

"Yuptae, Gordo, gan daft hae ya?

"Nae, hawd, noo. Ya doon futerd ta Sirsassana an alla yer junk's aboot to cowk oot yer sporan, ya numpty...

" fir wye ta loof oof ahwis holy, frog oop yur wee dobbie durk afor ya pan ya paps, yer clarty cunt!"

yuptae - What are you up to?
gan: gone
daft: crazy
hae: have
nae: no, not
hawd: stop
noo: now
doon: doing
futerd: to twiddle and mess about with something
ta: the
Sirsassana: yoga headstand
alla: all of
junk: nether bits
aboot: about
cowk: throw up, or toss out
oot: out
sporan: a fancy front-facing fanny-pack
numpty: endearing lovable dolt, or one who does yoga in a kilt
an nae: and no
fir wye: why
loof: love
oof: of
ahwis: all that is
frog: sheath dangle for the dirk, snapped by a stud
oop: up
wee: little, small, mayhaps even tiny
dobbie: silly, useless
dirk: short dulled ceremonial dagger worn (carefully) at the waistline
afor: before
pan: disfigure, gouge
paps: tits or moobs
clarty: dirty, gross
cunt: one's very best friend in the whole world
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