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You know, I don't normally read sites like "Buzzfeed." But when I do, it's because This Woman Makes The Most Delightful Taxidermied Squirrels.
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via jessamyn, of course.
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Today I was told a story about some nerdy programmer guys living together in a second story apartment in Canada, and one of them got the idea that he wanted a pet squirrel or something. So they glued gumdrops into a trail off the balcony to lure the squirrel inside. Which happened, but next thing you know everyone is chasing each other in a crazy frenzy until someone lets the squirrel back out.* However, if they left the door open in the future the squirrel would come by for a chat and some food. Either it held no grudges or it was looking to get high again.

* The fellow who told the story said he guessed the squirrel was high on glue, based on its behavior that day vs. its much calmer behavior later or.

Anyway, these are also surprisingly charming for small corpses.
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"Klippenstein takes the squirrels in a funner direction."
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This is exactly what I needed to see at this very moment. Is there a word for suddenly satisfying a need you were never previously aware of?
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Want. Definitely want.
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Katarina Rose also does some fun things with taxidermy.
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The desecration of nature continues apace.
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I was expecting The Bloggess, myself.
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I would enjoy this more if it weren't made from actual animals...
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Have we found the villain that Squirrel Girl cannot defeat?
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I was afraid this would be another nightmare gerbil scenario. Glad to be wrong.
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oh, god, it's killerwhaletank gordie!
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So, growing up, I just thought grandparents collected strange things. Oma and Opa, in an apparent bid to keep their "most stereotypical German immigrants" award, had an incredible amount of cuckoo clocks.

But Grandma and Grandpa had lots of taxidermied animals. Didn't really think twice about it; just knew grandpa had a mink on a log and some birds.

Then I found out the story. See, grandpa grew up in a one-room-schoolhouse sort of area. And the hobby he picked out was taxidermy. Dunno how or why, but there it was. I think he started with squirrels himself; squirrels and dead birds are common starters (link to a squirrel taxidermy by The Brain Scoop (and here's part 2). (And others do weird things to squirrels, to; I think Nadeau's mounts are better quality -- look at the hands -- but uh, creepier. Because of the guns.)

Taxidermy was how he made it to the 'big city', because he got a job assisting with the mounts at the natural history museum. Then he moved his way up, towards paperwork and away from dead animals and glass eyes. But because his job brought him to the big city, he met my grandmother, then enrolled in a Commerce degree (she never did graduate).

So as much as taxidermy creeps most people out, it's part of my grandparent's love story.

Here's to dead squirrels.
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