A Voice Of Reason In A Time Of Troubles
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Neal Conan (former host of NPR's Talk Of The Nation) returns to doing regular interviews full of intelligence and insight with his new weekly show/podcast Truth Politics & Power. The trial-ballon first episode in early January was An Inaugural Special, with Robert Kagan and Volker Ullrich. Starting last Friday, it began weekly programs with Enemies Of The People speaking with Scott McClellan and Ted Koppel. The show is distributed by PRX, can be listened to on its website, and is also podcast on all your favorite podcatchers.
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Thanks, hippybear!
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Thanks for the heads up - I look forward to listening.
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Hey, great! I always admired Neal Conan's intelligence and skill at finding some meaning in anyone's idiotic call-in comment. Excited to hear what he does with real guests.
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Oh good, I've wanted to share this story.

A few years ago I read this MetaFilter post about the cancelation of TOTN. I texted my wife and asked her if it was true. She confirmed.

So I learned about the cancelation of my father-in-law's show from MetaFilter and not from his daughter.

It was a weird day.

Edit: We weren't married yet but still. Weird day.
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I imagine that holiday meals with Diskeater's extended family have some of the most civil, well-guided table discussions on the planet.
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Episode 3 The South China Sea with Robert Kaplan & Toshi Yoshihara was released today.
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