Listen to the clouds
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Live transmissions from airports around the world set to ambient music. For even more ambiance, combine with Astronaut.

Athens seems to be online right now.
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There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer airport.
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Too soothing for the AM. Kidding! Lovely.

I like hearing"cleared to land." Yay! You made it!
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This is actually really difficult for me to listen to because I feel like I should be paying attention to what the controllers are saying.

It's also a little confusing because it looks like liveATC (where he's getting the controller feeds from) aggregates frequencies for some of their feeds, so I'm hearing tower and ground and clearance delivery all at once.

Charlotte seems to be far enough outside of the blizzard to actually have some traffic this morning, so I'm listening to that. It sounds like it's the departure control frequency.
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Inspired by a prior MeFi Post and Project to boot!
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I was like, let me try the busiest airports, JFK, LaGuardia... Total silence... Doh, it's the blizzard!
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Listening to Dublin just for the accents, sorry not sorry.
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Currently busy working on a small craft on a milk sea. Upon reflection, I'll wait until Thursday afternoon when I'm back on land, then make a discreet reference to Music for Airports.
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Lovely stuff. This is precisely the chill-but-slightly-disconcerting vibe I need this morning.
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One thing that would make this better would be the ability to put just a hint of reverb on the airport chatter.
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It's like an infinite Godspeed! You Black Emperor track.
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Similiar to, which uses police radio feeds..
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Love this. I think part of the appeal for me is the way it sort of provides a sense of global object permanence, an audio reminder that every minute, there are airports functioning all over the world, and planes taking off and landing at each of them, and people boarding and disembarking and going off to live out their own separate stories.

Also, it just sounds really pretty.
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I like this.
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for ORD it seems to be mainly ground control... I just heard a pilot get consigned to the "penalty box" for arriving too early for his gate to be open.

Which is to remind me, has anyone gotten Channel 9 to go for ATC on any UA flight recently?
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