Picasso at Work
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A supercut of Pablo Picasso painting, drawing, sculpting, engraving, and puttering around in his studio.
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Footage of someone calling him an asshole: none.
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The part where he molds the duck out of that clay vessel!

There's a much longer video of him painting on canvas that I saw on TV while working in Toronto a couple of years ago (so maybe the Canadian equivalent of PBS). The camera doesn't move. He's painting a seaside scene, beach ,houses, figures, ocean sky. It could very well be in color. Just when you think he's almost done or that it's perfectly resolved, he paints everything out except for an element or two and paints a whole other amazing painting before doing the same thing over again. He does this a few times, but my coworkers changed the channel and I never got to see the finished thing. It's so rewarding and satisfying and I've yet to find it anywhere online.
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Watching that one on mute, with this one playing in another tab, is very fine indeed.
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Conrad-Casserole, that sounds like an excerpt from The Mystery of Picasso, a documentary from the fifties that should be on the YouTubes somewhere. On a phone, or I'd track it down and provide links.
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Completely ruined by a shitty soundtrack. They should have stuck with the classical Spanish guitar.
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Here is The Mystery of Picasso, which I can't wait to watch
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OMG. That's it. Thanks guys. I knew someone on here would know what it was. I remembered it differently but that's definitely it. And Somn's version is better than the one I found when I searched that title.
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