The story of Percy begins, as all great stories do, at a rest stop in OH
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Cats are assholes, but they are also great.
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I am so glad that it's right there, in the headline, that he's been found.

I'm also tickled that Mr. Robertson envisions this epic story as an opera.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one stuck with an orange Percy cat who sometimes stinks.

It reminds me a bit of another lost cat story that would make a good opera, the time MeFi's own k8t dealt with the fact that her kitty Tina decided to extend her own portion of the family camping trip to Devil's Tower just a little bit longer without consulting anyone else on the matter first.
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When I was a kid, our cat got into the Jewel Tea man's truck but didn't make his presence known until he got to his headquarters in the city 60 miles away. The cat jumped out of the truck and ran away before the driver could do anything. Tabby showed up back home a few days later, all skinny with worn-out paws, and we never made the connection. The next time the Jewel Tea man came, he jumped a foot to see the same cat.
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Oh my god.

[Checks to make sure that Dr. Cat is indeed sleeping on the end of the bed.]
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The Jewel Tea man! Those words brings back as many memories as a Madeleine dipoed in lemon tea! Thank you The Underpants Monster!
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Wow. Glad the kitty is okay. I love that he has a little platform for looking out the window while driving.
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In case you are interested in Robertson's photography work. We know him as Preflash Gordon, and he's amazingly talented.
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The video of the radio interview showcases Percy wandering around the radio studio.
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