Danielle Steel's Dark and Stormy Night
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"She started her first book off “It was a gloriously sunny day and the call from Carson Advertising came at nine-fifteen.” She’s never looked back. Nearly half her of introductions involve weather—mostly benign, positive weather (“perfect deliciously warm Saturday afternoons,” “perfect balmy May evening”, “absolutely perfect June day,” or simply: “The weather was magnificent.”)," from Danielle Steel Loves the Weather and Elmore Leonard Hates Exclamation Points: Literature by the Numbers, excerpts from Nabokov’s Favorite Word Is Mauve: And Other Experiments in Literature by Ben Blatt.
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I love that James Joyce uses the most exclamation points!
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It was a gloriously sunny day and the call from Carson Advertising came at nine-fifteen. And then the murders started.
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I blurbed this! It's really a cut above the usual lazy chart-wrangling you might mistakenly expect.
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I did an analysis of some famous novels using Elmore Leonard's rules on my blog a time back. Not nearly so comprehensive, but I'd like to think, decent reading.

Part One.
Part Two.
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dances_with_sneetches, great posts! Was so glad you included Thomas Harris, as I suspected he would go pretty well with all those rules, since his style is quite simple and direct. His greatest sins being exclamation marks surprises me a little, but given his genre, I will forgive him for a handful of suddenlys.
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Thanks. I bought Blatt's book yesterday and if you are into statistical geekiness and literature, it is great.
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Ben Blatt needs to start a service for authors where he custom-generates blurbs for new books. "More exclamation points than Dan Brown! The longest opening sentence since Midnight's Children! If you love a rate of Cliches Per 1000 Words that is precisely in line with industry average, this is the book for you!"
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