Why'd you eat that leaf?
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Kirby, an ode to a kitten by rap artist Aesop Rock, for his 2016 album The Impossible Kid, featuring clever rhymes, winsome puppetry, and an unbelievably cute kitten. The Impossible Kid on Genius.com.
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Absolutely best of the web.
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Artists and musicians in every style should realize that the amount of kitten-related media we are able and willing to consume is limitless. Take. My. Money.
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I think this might be the most Metafiltery post ever.
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Holy crap this is some strong propaganda from the cat/toxoplasmosis agenda.
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One of the benefits of being strongly allergic to cats is that I am in no danger of getting one whatsoever, even if the face of "i dunno, maybe get a kitten".
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I'm allergic to cats too and so now I take Claritin every day.
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I loved this! I predict I'm going to find myself muttering "I dunno, maybe get a kitten?" at random moments.
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Thanks for confirming that no matter what Aes does, I'm going to love it.
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I don't listen to much Aesop these days, kinda fell out of that scene after Labor Days, but I do like checking out his occasional videos and its good to see that he's still having fun doing whatever the hell he likes.
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an unbelievably cute kitten

Call me gullible, but I found it pretty believable.
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Yes. Good tortie kitty. Good job.
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Cute video but I had to hold my hand over the screen and block out the puppet for some reason music videos where they get a puppet to lip sync set of my uncanny valley alarm.
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And what a charming apartment that is, such nice off white linens too. I mean for now anyway, Kirbyfur will likely make 'em a lot grayer and torn before too long.

Still totally worth it though, even the nicest linens are no match for a cute kitty.
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"Holy crap this is some strong propaganda from the cat/toxoplasmosis agenda."

Don't criticize, we're only doing what the parasitic alveolates tell us.
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Keep doing what you're doing, Kirby!
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thecaddy: "I'm allergic to cats too and so now I take Claritin every day."

Is there a club for this? *sigh*
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Parasitic alveolates was my the name of my punk band in high school.

Also, who remembers MC Frontalot?
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If I owned a record store I would definitely have a section labeled "Hip hop, Kittens".
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Also, who remembers MC Frontalot?

Never forgot MC Frontalot!
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Just dropping in to say how much I love contemporary Aesop Rock, who seems to be far-and-away one of the most interesting lyricists working at the moment. Invisible Kid and his previous album, Skelethon, are such dense lyrical feasts that an analysis of rappers puts Aesop as the rapper with the largest vocabularly. People wanting more of this stuff should check out Hail Mary Mallon, his side project with Rob Sonic, which released Bestiary in 2014
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One of my favorite tracks off this album. Really glad it got a good video to go with it.
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You know, this is ten years old, but for those of you who haven't seen it, The Mean Kitty Song" is a classic.
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My "travel the world" and "get a kitten" are now fighting again.
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ive heard this like 1000 times, its been in my head non stop
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