Col. Ben Skardon march
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Tomorrow Colonel Ben Skardon will participate in the Bataan Memorial Death March for the 10th time. Skardon is a survivor of the actual Bataan Death March, when about 75,000 Filipino and U.S. soldiers were surrendered to Japanese forces. Colonel Skardon is 99 years old.
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What an amazing man doing this at his age!
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Hell of a story, hell of a guy—thanks for posting it!
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thanks so much for posting this. What a remarkable man who recounts his story so humbly. I would not have predicted that that video would put the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner in a context the way Mr. Skardon did.
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heavy respect
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This is the first time I have heard of this hero or even of this march. He should have been honored loud and clear every year at this time, and we should pause to reflect on why these people march.
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An incredible man and an amazing story. Thank you for posting this.
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A true hero. I had heard from fellow runners about the annual memorial of the Bataan March in the US, but had not known that only one survivor remains. Great respect for this great man, and his annual journey. And great respect, too, for all who join him and recall their own travails on this hard route. .
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seawallrunner, I'm not sure how many survivors remain. This man is the only survivor to participate in this march.
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I knew that survivors remained, and I've wanted to go for a while, but I had no idea that a survivor still marched, at his age. God bless him.
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Is it just me, or is it a little strange to commemorate a war crime with a footrace?
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It would be if it was how the Japanese acknowledged the anniversary.
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"Bataan Memorial Death March" does sound like a joke on first read, but it's obviously meant sincerely and I guess the survivors take it in that spirit? Remarkable guy, anyway.
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It's not a footrace, exactly. There's different segments, but the one I'm most familiar with is the team-with-rucksacks portion. You are crossing sand in blistering heat with full gear. My captain got heatstroke one year - it's hard even for the well trained. And you don't finish unless every member of your team finishes. If someone passes out, then you need to carry them. It is an incredibly moving tribute to those on the original Bataan Death March, who despite being wounded and starving, often carried their brothers in arms who could not continue, knowing that if their brother stopped moving he would be shot, and knowing if they themselves slowed too far through carrying them, they would also be shot.

I find the memorial pretty moving, anyway, myself.
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