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Let this guy work his craft. (slyt) A cigar is a tightly-rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaf, rolled in a series of types and sizes, that is ignited so that its smoke may be drawn into the mouth.

An artist's genius flows from an intricate web of creative sources, yet one always dominates. It may be a photographer's eye, a painter's vision, a writer's mind, a musician's ear or a dancer's lithe muscles. The genesis of creation, however, is often invisible, the connoisseur experiencing only the culmination of the artist's long years of dedication and effort.

Yet a cigar is much more than a skilled laborer's mundane assembly of the parts; it is the gift of craftsmen who rely on their hands to forge a solid elixir of simple pleasure. For cigar lovers, the artistic genius lies in the touch of hands.
Then by magic...The next hand to caress the cigar's wrapper should be the smoker's, the final gentle touch in a cigar's life.

Cuban "Master"


Las Vegas

A Cuban Factory

And we have the gas station buys

Machine made

Not that there is anything wrong with that. Sometimes a smoke is a smoke.
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It's not a cigar without the Gookie.
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Great post. Thanks, shockingbluamp.
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Does only working with cured leaves prevent the cigar rollers from getting the green hand sickness that affects the pickers in the fields?
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Another typical Carribean combustible constructable video...
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Does only working with cured leaves prevent the cigar rollers from getting the green hand sickness that affects the pickers in the fields?

mattamatic, Wikipedia says consuming other sources of nicotine reduces the likelihood of GTS because the body adapts to it, whereas a non-nicotine-user handling wet leaves is effectively megadosing with no existing tolerance. I've read somewhere that cigar rollers in Cuba and the Dominican Republic are well-treated by employers, with most getting a supply of free cigars. So even if there's high levels of nicotine in the dried, fermented leaves, I imagine having a cigar habit helps prevent sickness.

Anecdotally, at a birthday a few years ago two or three smokers and one non-smoker lit up celebratory cigars, and while the smokers enjoyed the entire cigar, the non-smoker smoked half his cigar then spent an hour vomiting in the sink. We were amused, but that maybe illustrates a similar principle.
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