Myron Rolle Will Open Your Mind
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I've watched Mr. Rolle's career since he was in college and I've been fascinated. He is such an admirable person and it's been a pleasure to keep up with his life and how it is progressing. Thanks for the Mefi update!
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I'm glad he will be able to study (and maybe treat) brain damage rather than suffering it. That seems like a win-win.
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That's a great story. It's too bad he didn't find what he was looking for in the NFL but I'm glad he was smart enough to not throw away his entire future on them.
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Why should you have to choose? You can be a starting offensive lineman in the NFL and get your Ph.D. in math at MIT in the offseason.

Feeling unproductive now?
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Former professional football player and U.S. Supreme Court justice Byron White. (Who I can't claim to have heard about until he was mentioned in connection to the Gorsuch hearings and I looked up his Wikipedia entry.)
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The Washington Post was with Myron when he opened his letter, and gives some more details on his background (I had been curious if he was influenced by Ben Carson, which not surprisingly he was).
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