Walking in the Danchi
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Walking in the Danchi - a photo-blog of concrete Danchi style buildings in Japan. [via]
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Here's the view from my office window in Japan (in Canada right now, though).
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This style of building is also, perhaps unsurprisingly, extremely common in Hawaii. You see it all over the place in the built-up areas like downtown Honolulu, Pearl City, and Waipahu. I didn't realise it was a Japanese import, but that makes sense given how much real estate in Hawaii is held by Japanese companies.
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Danchi (団地 lit. "group land"?) is the Japanese word for a large cluster of apartment buildings of a particular style and design, typically built as public housing by government authorities. - Wikipedia

Very cool!
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"Danchi" can have negative connotations, akin to "housing project" or "social housing" in English.
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You see a lot of this style of housing in Germany - mostly built in the Marshall Plan post-war construction boom.
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A lot of danchi apartment blocks are pretty old and run-down nowadays, because a lot of them were built in the postwar recovery era and haven't really been worked on too terribly much in the intervening 40+ years, but there are some newer ones. MUJI did a neat thing, though, where they collaborated with the Urban Renaissance Agency, the government agency in charge of public housing like this, and renovated some danchi apartment blocks to make them really nice and fancy inside. So far it hasn't been a whole lot of them, but it's a cool idea.
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These buildings are not attractive.
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You should see all of Japan's other municipal buildings. Pretty much every school, city hall, and major police station follows an architectural style best described as "rectangular."
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It's useful to regard post-war Japan as a successful communist country.
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You're not wrong
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The fact that the photos are tagged "plattenbau" is pretty accurate. They wouldn't be all that out of place at the edge of a German city.
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