Kittens on Demand
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Only one thing can justify the internet - live kittens, 24/7/365. Between the Kitten Dorm, the Kitten Academy, and Gaia's Kittens we have you covered. Meanwhile, everyone at TinyKittens HQ eagerly awaits the birth of Evolene and Corsica's kittens.
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So you don't actually have to own cats to experience being ignored by them!
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Kitten Academy is lively. I like the night vision cat tree cams. The cat tree is very nice.
posted by irisclara at 10:03 PM on March 29, 2017

Yes. Good kitties.
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Yay! As adorable as the Kattashians are I never caught them awake. At least one of these is PST so I'll check in with them in the morning. Goodnight kitties!
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Room 641-A - you can usually scroll backwards through the videos to a more interesting time if they're all sleeping. When I was obsessively following TinyKittens, I used to regularly get timestamps for when Shelly (the woman who takes care of the ferals) was on screen giving updates.
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Are you supposed to feed Kitten Fever?
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Kitkat Playroom too has kittens. The Scottish Tots. All named for Scottish clans. On YouTube too.
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While you're waiting for the kitties to yawn, lick their butt and go back to sleep, dog people have for an instant fix of cute.

Not trying to start a war, I wish there were openkitties too. That's just where I go when the 'net presents me with horror and I need vicarious pet fun NOW NOW NOW.
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Right now, at this very moment on Gaia's Kittens, there is a big pile of kittens, nursing.

So. Many. Jellybean. Toes.
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Cheating? It looks like Kitten Academy has uploaded daily archive videos (15-20 mins) with nonstop kitty action. Find more videos through the link.
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Bafftime at Gaia's!
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KitKat Playroom!
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Yes! We have the YouTube app on our tv and will routinely just leave Kitten Academy on while we're cleaning or making dinner or whatever. Very soothing.
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If April the Giraffe is never going to deliver, at least there are plenty of other fuzzy babies to watch this spring.
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The best thing about Gaia is that she doesn't need a new home -- she's had one all along. (Unusually for Purrfect Pals, she is neither stray nor abandoned but a housepet who got loose and knocked up. When her fuzzy potatoes are ready, they will be adopted out and Gaia herself will return to her loving human family.)
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I was thinking of them as snow balls and eight balls, but they're totally fuzzy potatoes.
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Some lady with no pants just wandered around Kitten Dorm.
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The bells ring for dinner. Is it Pavlova?
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At least two of these channels, Shelly's Tinykittens, and Foster Dad John's Critter Room, had been among the most popular channels on until recently. Back around the end of 2016, Livestream told those types of channels that they would have to start paying much higher fees, so they ended up migrating to YouTube instead. It's Livestream's loss I think; kitten rooms were probably one of the best ways to get people aware of the capabilities of their streaming service, and pricing schemes that drive them away makes them come across as even more soulless and greedy than the typical corporation.
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