Free Words
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Free Words came first, a project of 2000 books stealthily placed in museums, libraries, and bookstores. Next, Sal Randolph spearheaded the Free Biennial during the Whitney Biennial. This week, she spent 15K and Ebayed her way into the contemporary art mega-exhibition Manifesta to present: Free Manifesta. Sal Randolph is single-handedly bringing free art "to the people, man."
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Sounds a lot like The Droplift Project to me (only they didn't bother to call it "art").
posted by jjg at 10:05 AM on April 24, 2002

Very cool. I found the project history pages especially interesting - there's talk of the various reactions people have toward free things: disbelief, greed, playfulness, scorn, etc.
posted by D at 10:35 AM on April 24, 2002

As an art student, I feel it is my responsibility to say:

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