The quick brown ثعلب jumped over the lazy red الكلب
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Mahmoud Tammam illustrates Arabic words. Two portfolios of these illustrations on his Behance page: one two.
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lazy red dog?
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These are pretty neat, and remind me of how kanji get used in logos and other graphic design in Japan.
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Awesome! I run the social media pages for my languages department, and I am always looking for something visual like this to share with our followers.

If you click on his name at the Behance page, he has links to his Instagram and Facebook as well. *followed*
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This is neat. It took me a moment, but you can compare the illustrated words to the typical script on the bottom of each illustration.

I think my favorite is the cat.
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Yeah the cat and the cheetah are spectacular. Although I find myself wanting to get the coffee one on a t-shirt. Becuase it's amaaaazing.
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I definitely agree with the t-shirt comment. This fellow is missing a bet if he doesn't market this. I'd buy a poster of the cat one!
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This modern take on the classical art of Arabic calligraphy thrills me on both visual and conceptual levels. And it's also a potentially fantastic tool for Arabic language learners, young and old. Thanks for sharing.
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