Good photographs of lots of eagles with interesting words
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See also: the majestic Australian ibis, commonly known as the "bin chicken".
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Mean, violent, eats garbage... America!
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This nicely balances my obsession with the adorable Hanover eagles. Thanks!
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Andres Ayure, a Coast Guard lieutenant, has lived in Dutch for just over a year. On his third day in Alaska he’d decided to hike up Mount Ballyhoo, a gorgeous, sweeping mountain on the edge of town. On his way down, a juvenile eagle decided he or she didn’t like the look of Ayure in his American Eagle hoodie and dive-bombed him more than ten times — scaring him to death. “I was like, ‘No way. Third day in Alaska. I didn’t want to come here, and now I’m going to die by the hand of an eagle. This is B.S.’”

Ayure barely escaped. When he patted the front pocket of his sweatshirt he realized he’d lost his phone and his keys while ducking and sliding away from the bird’s talons. He looked back up the mountain, just in time to see the eagle fly off with his phone.

The thing I like about this is how it might play out now that he's a seasoned local with wisdom to impart.


Given the transient nature a significant portion the workforce, someone else is going to show up, whether for work or tourism and say "Hey! We're taking a hike up Mount Ballyhoo!" and he'll say, "A few tips. Make sure all of your gear is packed away. Especially phones and keys. Also, wear a helmet."

"Aw, c'mon. It's not that steep - why do I need a helmet?"

"It's not the climb. It's the birds. Bald eagles. It's gonna get real at some point and you have to be ready."

"O.k. Whatever man. Ooooh...big scary birds. We're good."

"Alright. Good luck. You're not the apex predator around these parts. Also, the line between predator and scavenger is pretty blurry here, so watch out for that action."


"Nothin'. Just sayin'."
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I spent time on Adak, an island in the aleutian chain. Lots of eagles. Mostly around the dumpsters.

Flying rats as far as I'm concerned.
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So hold on, was the eagle supposed to have torn his hood like that? Because if it was already like that I can see even an eagle thinking it's a tasty morsel, especially with that flap flapping around, all looking not-dead.

They're still awesome, though, and somehow "living in Alaska" is the perfect preamble to finding out eagles are a bit crap. "I really liked them in the beginning." What else could it be? Salmon jumping out of the water and flopping down Main St.? I have to think eagles are probably smarter than bears, who seem to be easier to keep away. Perhaps it's a "willing to eat dead stuff" line that enables eagles to just sit and hang out.

"But 'they’re kind of annoying. They’re very annoying,' he said."
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On youtube a few years ago: "Two Eagles, A Fox and My Cats on My Porch Not Getting Along"
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No photo of the infamous Danger Nesting Eagles sign outside the health clinic?
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Awesome pictures! First I was wondering about the fox in the picture of the pepperoni pizza boy, but the video posted by jjj606 showed that foxes seem to be very bold up there. Don't they hunt them?
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They also crap on people’s heads, all over the floor, on the walls, stairways, and handrails, leaving a Jackson Pollock–like coating of thick white splotches that smells only marginally better than the garbage.

How do they...
Who has the job...
When did they...
Forget it.
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