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Pong. Starting today, you too can watch someone else play Pong, 24-7, all from the comfort of your own home. Call your cable operator today and ask for the G4 network, and win big prizes. Or not. The official G4 site is here. Flash required for official site
posted by WolfDaddy (5 comments total)
Too much. What came to mind immediately was the burning Yule Log telecast every Christmas. I can just see the Pong parties and Pong drinking games now.
posted by iconomy at 11:52 AM on April 24, 2002

how much weed do you have to smoke to make that interesting for more than 15 seconds?
posted by m@L at 12:45 PM on April 24, 2002

An ounce.
posted by fnord_prefect at 3:25 PM on April 24, 2002

I'd only be interested if they hacked the game and let the score go on and on...I want to see a score of 14301-14285!

Or showed the name of the players in the corners and brought in geek celebrities. Like William Shatner or Alyson Hannigan or Bill Gates or "Thresh".

Or played with the version of Pong that my parents bought for me, that had a switch that let you play with 2 paddles on a side (doubles) or 5 paddles (hockey).
posted by Grum at 3:25 PM on April 24, 2002

so um, you all know that he works there, right? I mean...

But I have to agree with Grum, sorta...have the Shat play Wesley in some sort of cage match!
posted by verso at 11:05 PM on April 24, 2002

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