True Norwegian Cat Metal
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When buying clothing online—a t-shirt, for instance—you may find it helpful to see the item on a realistic model.
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Do they not ship to the US? Am I going hysterically cat-blind?
posted by Myca at 7:12 AM on April 5, 2017 [1 favorite]

Meowtal. Good stuff!

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True Norwegian Cat Metal

For a second I thought this was going to be a post to this twitter bot.
posted by gwint at 7:38 AM on April 5, 2017

I want that hoodie, but only if it has cat ears.
posted by bile and syntax at 8:09 AM on April 5, 2017

I expected True Norwegian Cat Metal to be this delightful kitten, who's obviously the new bassist for Immortal.
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-> Myca

They say that they can ship anywhere but that you have to contact them first. Which I will be doing, hopefully it's not too, too bad, but you never know.
posted by Neronomius at 1:09 PM on April 5, 2017

> who's obviously the new bassist for Immortal

Surely you mean the almighty Immeowtal =\m/=
posted by vanar sena at 3:34 AM on April 6, 2017 [1 favorite]

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