April 24, 2002
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$700/month for a New York apartment? Boy, you're bound to not beat that deal ... Yes, via Fark, but it may not be there long, and why should they have all the fun, anyway?
posted by yhbc (15 comments total)
wow. If I lived in NY, I'd take it.
posted by starvingartist at 1:19 PM on April 24, 2002

um... "This is a steal for someone not here on Sat. nights or cool with being here for S/M type parties on Sat. nights. IF you are a Dominatrix(but you do not have to be), even better as I have a seperate dungeon next door. "

Therein lies the rub, so to speak.
posted by swift at 1:22 PM on April 24, 2002

I think the key lies in ... "Boy, you're *BOUND* to not beat that deal..."

yhbc knew what was in there!
posted by SirNovember at 1:24 PM on April 24, 2002

And you know, I've been looking for a place with a dungeon.

(And the real reason you can't get an apartment in NYC for $700.)

Actually, when I was looking for a place back in '87, having been kicked out by my, um, roommates for unspecified (here) personal reasons, I had two rather intriguing options. One was a nudist house, and I would have had to, um, audition my comfort and overall maturity with the concept; the other was a guy who spent 15 minutes interviewing me about my personal life before revealing that the particular concern he had was that I had to deal with living with a porn star in male-male films, who wasn't himself gay. As it was, I never made the final cut for either choice, although the second one would have been convenient and swank in the low west 70s. (The nudists were in Park Slope, and I wasn't keen on the commute.) I thought it quite bizarre either way, but hey, I was out there to have experiences, right? Or perhaps, it occurred to me, some people just enjoyed pulling apartment hunter's legs.
posted by dhartung at 1:36 PM on April 24, 2002

Hey, I'd take that!

I had a dominatrix roommate years ago in San Francisco and (no joke) her clients would frequently pay her to be supervised in cleaning up the apartment. Nothing got those kitchen floors cleaning than a good scrubbing from a 35 year old account forced to his hands and knees with a scouring brush tied to his forehead...
posted by MattD at 1:38 PM on April 24, 2002

dhartung, are apartments in tokyo expensive because of rent control too? NYC rents couldnt have anything to do with tons of people wanting to live on a very narrow strip of land, could they?

I've no love for rent control (rent stabalization or 60/40 subsidized housing are much more sensible policies), but its just not the primary cause of NYC rents -- supply and demand is, and given the demand is nearly limitless, tweaking the supply a bit by abolishing rent control would have no significant impact.

Besides, whatever stat-magic that article is using can't conceal the fact that they are comparing Philadelphia* to NYC.

*I was born there, I can dis if I want.
posted by malphigian at 2:15 PM on April 24, 2002

Oh jeez. I HAD to look at the rest of the rental prices in NYC. I'm looking for a place in SF right now, and prices are comperable (if not more expensive) to NYC prices. (yeah, yeah, I know places are smaller there, but still!)

How depressing.
posted by culberjo at 2:46 PM on April 24, 2002


er. i'm going for this one. (also from CL)

$100 - that's where it lives.

Reply to: anon-3280496@craigslist.org
Date: Fri Mar 22 17:39:29 2002

there's some space under my bed, for the right person.
stable non-smoking professional preferred. no psychos please.
the space will probably be shared with some boxes of old stuffed animals that i keep down there, though i could be convinced to move them. must be willing to make 1-year commitment. hard wood floors.

cats are OK - purrr

it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
this is in or around brooklyn

posted by fishfucker at 2:55 PM on April 24, 2002

From dhartung's link:

The repeal of controls in Massachusetts, for example, did not lead to the widespread evictions and hardships that some predicted.

I beg to differ. In the Massachusetts school where I teach we lost a third of our student body over the two years following the end of rent control. The prices skyrocketed here so much so quickly that I can barely afford to live here anymore. And what's more, the declining enrollment in the schools has forced the decision to close some schools - and as a teacher without much seniority, I'm liable to get laid off when that happens.

The process was not altogether voluntary. The initiative [to repeal rent control] came from a statewide campaign organized by Boston and Cambridge property owners, who put up a state ballot initiative banning rent control.

This is a fabrication. Most of the political movement to repeal rent control came from conservative politicians in the Legislature, backed by Bill Weld - it was in no way a home grown movement. Furthermore, it was a state-wide initiative designed to have the state invalidate an ordinance that existed in three municipalities, rather than letting the municipalities make democratic decisions on their own.

Formerly regulated rents have risen, but construction of new apartments has also begun for the first time in 25 years. Since the overwhelming majority of rental units were deregulated by 1995, and the rest by January 1, 1997, the worst is probably over.

Not by a long shot. The echo effects are still being felt. The new units being constructed have price ranges far above the median income of the city. And the non rent-control apartment I used to rent for $900 a month is now renting for $2400 a month. The rent increases were a rising tide that took everything up with it.

The idea that the repeal of rent control was a policy success is a popular viewpoint - but I think it's one that's based on little data, and much self-congratulation from the people who rammed it down our throat.
posted by Chanther at 4:16 PM on April 24, 2002

malphigian: the comparison is not between absolute rental values, but between the skew toward lower or higher rents in cities with rent control.
posted by dhartung at 4:45 PM on April 24, 2002

Renting in Japan is crazy because you have to put down 4 MONTHS deposit on most any place! You can find fairly cheap places if you check out towns on the outskirts of Tokyo and don't shoot for something in say, Shibuya area...besides, it's fun to commute on the subway!
posted by ejoey at 6:37 PM on April 24, 2002

I see they offer other helpful services.
posted by groundhog at 7:12 PM on April 24, 2002

From this link:

Date: Wed Apr 24 20:38:25 2002

This posting has been placed on hold by craigslist staff.

Looks as if we broke it.....
posted by MaddCutty at 9:59 PM on April 24, 2002

I actually had a legit non rent controlled non dominatrix related $700 apartment in manhattan until a couple months ago. I gave it up. It was tiny and got almost no light (plus it was in a pretty scuzzy building - LES / chinatown area). It's amazing what it seems worth putting up with when it's nyc real estate. My landlord was bewildered that anyone would live there.
posted by mdn at 10:06 PM on April 24, 2002

I figured craig's list would pull the ad once it started getting pummelled by both MeFi and the "other site". The inscrutability of MeFites continues to amaze me. The same (joke?) listing that was an endless source of amusement for others led here to a discussion of rent control. It really is true what they say - "The topics run the gamut, and tend to run intelligent and civil."
posted by yhbc at 5:50 AM on April 25, 2002

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