Dog-mauling convicts' adopted Aryan son might be the Night Stalker
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Dog-mauling convicts' adopted Aryan son might be the Night Stalker says the SF Chronicle. This case continues to get weirder. The DA now wants DNA evidence from Paul "Cornfed" Schneider -- the Pelican Bay inmate and Aryan Brotherhood gang leader whose Presa Canario dogs mauled Diane Whipple to death and whose lawyers (convicted in that death) adopted him -- to see if he is the missing link in the decades old "Night Stalker" serial killer case in California. Yeesh.
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If this guy was the other real Night Stalker, could the woman who married Richard Ramirez get an annullment? What a social faux pas.
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Jeez Louise. Ramirez was convicted in 1989! Where's the fun in sentencing Satanists to death if they don't get to fry in front of us before we all die of natural causes and get to hell before them?

I'm just happy that everyone's favorite white trash Aryan Brotherhood adoption/incesting lesbian-dog-hating family is back in the news. I just didn't get enough of that spectacle the first time around.
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RJ, the article indicates that Richard Ramirez was the second home-invader/rapist/murderer to be dubbed the "Night Stalker". They are trying to get a sample of Schneider's DNA to see if he might be the first one, who was never caught.
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Shouldn't serial criminal nicknames be distinct? Where was the media governing body on this one? Tsk, tsk..
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I know! I was rambling (slightly) off topic!

I would have said more about the Aryan nasty-hoodies and this speculation, but I got so caught up in reading this absolutely ill and sensationalized Ramirez account: "Late in the 20th Century, Hell glutted on humanity."

It's either that or we have a deep conversation about compulsive DNA sampling of prisoners and I crack jokes about unfreezing Sylvester Stallone to kick Wesley Snipes ass.
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Hey, this is just between you me and all parties who can read it in transit: I am the Zodiac.
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Somebody tell Carl Kolchak.
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