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Of our relation to all creation we can never know anything whatsoever. All is immensity and chaos. (SLYT)
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I'm pretty sure I saw this one back in the day.
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As Bob always said - all you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a pipe loaded with pharmaceutical grade dimenthyltryptamine.
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Why is Bob Ross hanging out with a bunch of Cronenbergs?
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Ah, remember how much fun it was back in the old days, watching the Joy of Painting Paintsniffing on PBS PCP?
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Wasn't this in a Douglas Adams novel?
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Hey, I made that :)
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Happy to answer questions (until bedtime)
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I kinda think that's what the world looks like to Jim Woodring.
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Oh neat! Nice one artBoffin, it's a cool project.

I don't know when bedtime is for you because I've just woken up but I had wondered, do you just run each frame through deepdream individually or is there a temporal component (and if so how is that managed)?

Also I have never seen a piece of video which so strongly reminds me of MDMA-induced hallucinations but that's a different thing entirely (don't do drugs kids).
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I actually did have a question, artBoffin: is the audio being machine generated somehow, or is it backmasked? I couldn't tell from listening.
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I find it concerning that the singularity is going to involve SO. MANY. EYEBALLS.
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Augh! Also... Jeepers!

As I've mentioned before, I've got an eye condition which has blasted random holes in my retina and optic nerve, and which rather confuses my personal pattern recognition system (it's... complicated, as with the human visual system individual receptor signals do not map into the front end of the visual processing queue linearly; adjacent receptors are not connected to adjacent points in the inputs. So results are varied.)

Although this happened to me fairly recently, it was before DeepDream went public, so I've never seen what the output of such things "really looks like" (scare quote 'cos phenomenology).

This video, however, is considerably trippier than the static images to me, provoking quite a marked physiological reaction that is, ahem, oddly familiar. It also produces after-effects, in that it takes a while after I stop watching for the real world's visual field to stabilise. I don't know what it's doing in my cortex, but it's rippling through and putting some quite deep levels into an unusual mode, which is presumably feeding back into the earlier stages.

Remarkable stuff, fascinating and I'm going to have to do some experiments and critical thinking to see what it's telling me.

Also, +1 for the 'crazy eye dear' pun it generated.
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As fantastic as it is, the jumping around of images makes it really disorienting. Has anyone seen DeepDream-like video made where the images have more stability? This looks like each still frame is processed independently, so frame 25 of Bob's hand may be a puppy and frame 26 is a cockatoo. I mean every frame isn't always changing, frame 27 may be a cockatoo as well, but the instability of the classifier with such a low signal is very visible.

I want to see something with more permanence, so his hand remains a cockatoo the whole time it is in frame.
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  Hey, I made that :)

Please, I need to know: what was that baby animal in the original footage that Bob was holding from about 1:28-1:45, please? I know it's a dimension-shifting cthulhoid now, but what was it originally? A fruitbat?
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@scruss, that's Peapod the squirrel.
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Just saw this, and my gosh, I love it so much. It also makes me wish I had LSD. Ah well.
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