Roots and Branches and Wind-Borne Seeds
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Yes - a woman falls from a cliff, but the important moment is just before that, when she, at age 51 (after two unhappy marriages) discovers a passion for botany - and just after that, when she continues her research and collections.
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I love the Memory Palace and this episode is amazing. Thank you for sharing the extended links!
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Yeah, this was one of my favorite memory palace episodes in a while (which is saying a lot, because I love all of them).
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Thanks so much, ChuraChura, for this awesome post! Ynes Mexia really was a trailblazer for women in science, and botany in particular. As a botanist myself, I find Mexia's example truly inspiring. What a cool lady!
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Thank you ChuraChura for posting about the Memory Palace! I'm excited to listen to this one.

Here are a few of my very favorite Memory Palace episodes:

A podcast about an eccentric woman during the Civil War
A podcast about a sailor who makes an incredibly badass escape from slavery
A podcast about a woman searching for a panda
A podcast about a kid suffering from inflated expectations
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Thank you so very much for posting this. Enchanting!
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Oh goodness, I didn't expect to be crying at the end of that, but it was so poignant and beautiful that Im all misty eyed. Thanks for finding me my new favorite pod cast! I really need something like this these, days.
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I love the memory palace. it's soothing enough to be dangerous to listen to in my car as I commute.

I like the way he constructs the prose and his narratives. I think the only thing I don't like is that multiple second silent block at the end of the story. It's jarring since it breaks convention even though I get that it's meant to be a pause for reflection.

I really dug the story about Florence Chadwick -
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What a wonderful story and I'm happy she finally found her passion. Thanks for posting churachura
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