Make Mercia Great Again
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Behold the scribings of King Donæld the Unready, the Greatest Bretwalda Mercia ever saw. The Bestwalda. Hear ye of his many kingly exploits and brave pronouncements of divers matters: on his use of St. Elmo's fire against Ivarr the Boneless in Cumbraland and the reaction of the Viking Rus, on efforts to fulfill his promise to build a shieldwall to protect our fair kingdom, on the fate of Ealdormann Bannon and those villainous fake chroniclers... bīdaþ! King Donæld is not alone...

He is joined by:
-Æthelflæd‏, lady of the Mercians, Myrcna hlædige
-Cellian Of Conway, of King Donaeld's court
-Stephen ye Miller, also of the court

As well as foreign dignitaries BUT NONE AS GREAT AS KING DONÆLD
-Theresa, Prime Maiden of Albion
-Lady Walais-Sturgiun of Scotlande
-Jester Corbyn of Wessex
-Njall Fromage of Wessex

Of course there are many chroniclers and scribes BEWARE #FAKECHRONICLES
-Brietbart Chronicles
-The Jorvik Times
-Wat's Dyke Chronicle
-Ye Pagan Mail

And hwæt! a serf dares speak in the presence of the king?!

All as illuminated by Wulfgar the Bard.

Some previous historical context. With apologies to, like, everyone who ever studied the Anglo-Saxon language
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I heard that he set fire to a barn and is Kingly now.
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Þis is an æxcellent post
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Donæld and his ilk were my gateway drug to Sassy Medieval Twitter, who have been helping to carry me mentally through this whole mess.
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Any news of Iared the Overconfident? I hear he's been sent to make peace between the Byzantines and the Caliphate. And reorganize the royal bureaucracy. And find the True Cross.
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At first I thought this was about Carlos Mencia making a comeback... as if things weren't bad enough already.
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he goes by Jarlred Kushier and he by no means makes excessive journeys to Novgorod
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Uthred of Bebbanburg is going to kick his ass.
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We're going to build a dyke, and make the Wealh pay for it!
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he goes by Jarlred Kushier and he by no means makes excessive journeys to Novgorod

Grand Prince Vladimir was unavailable for comment.
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Se cyning Amerigas, Downall Drumpf,
feond-dryhten, ond his yfelan þegnas,
Americum agean hatol habbað
þonne geworden. Facen-niwes ofer twyttere
oft he cwiþ.
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Aprille is the crueleste monthe
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‏The great and the good will decide what is good for us and make sure that we get what is good for us, good and hard.

- Njáll Fromage
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Bernardus of the Sands would have conquered him.

(I'm sorry)
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Ic ácwile.
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Donæld the Unready? Donæld the ill-advised more like.
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This is the work of friends of friends. It's been fun to see it all blow up.

Sassy Medieval Twitter is awesome, and one of the main reasons I still have my account.
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I feel like this brilliant comment from 2012 should be under the "Previously" tag.

Also, this comment from the same post is scarily prescient.
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Thanks for posting this.
I don't do twitter and this has had me laughing out loud.
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And people say that arts degrees are useless.
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Fantasticke! Ye Beste!
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