Crossed Wires and Community in 19th-Century Dreams
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George Saunders is so mad he's just finding out about this now.
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My one good paranormal experience story is that I had a prophetic dream about 9/11 the night before 9/11 happened, which sucks because my one good paranormal experience story is also an asshole-makes-9/11-all-about-him story. Fuckin' dreams, man.
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I had prophetic dreams for a while in grade school. Frequently, when anything major happened in the world, and when I heard of it, I would recognize that I dreamed something similar the night before.

Finally realized that I had a clock radio in my room that would go on and off quietly for one hour in the middle of every night, according to the errant timer settings, and I'd been dreaming along with the inspiration of an AM news station.
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Back in the 70s, when I was in my 20s, I lived in countless co-op houses. We would share dreams in the mornings, sometimes. I can't count on ten hands the number of times we had overlapping dreams. Surely I am not the only one to have experienced this?
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I'm reminded of a funny cartoon I saw dating from the advent of the telephone, in which a young buxom woman was on the line listening to a ratty old bum talk about himself, and in a thought bubble above her head, pictured a dapper well-heeled gent about her age. The point of the cartoon being "On the [telephone], nobody knows you're a dog."

I think late 19C people were genuinely unsure about what they had access to via electronic communications - and I can understand that, somewhat.

Also, hey, Public Domain Review? This is a thing? This is wonderful! Signed up for their list.
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I get Public Domain Review mixed up with Collectors Weekly, the other world's greatest time sink.
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kozad: Surely I am not the only one to have experienced this?

You're not.
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