Something wonderful
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Book Artists and Their Illustrations is a deep and absorbing rabbithole of fantastic book illustrations and illustrators assembled by book lover Rivka Stein. With posts for over 650 books from around the world, each cover art image leads to a page of illustrations for that book, and includes publishing details plus occasional commentary and/or summarization by Stein. Rather amazing.
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One thing I like to do is browse thrift stores for vintage children's books, they're worth picking up just for the illustrations.
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Something wonderful is a pretty apt title for the post. Some excellent, and fun, work by the various artists inside. Ixion in Heaven, Green Mansions, and South Wind were some I particularly enjoyed from my quick and indiscriminate initial browse.

Oh, and for my own tiny collection of nifty illustrations, I tend to snatch up any old scientific works aimed at younger or mass audiences as there are often some really nice line drawings of mechanical processes, plants, animals, and other sundry human activities not normally shown via that sort of creative process anymore.
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This is great and wow, some of these are instant time-warps to browsing library shelves as a kid.
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Very cool but, boy, is that web site frustrating on iPad.
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Yeah, and not just iPad. Sorry!

I think the torments go something like: Blood, Frogs, Lice, Flies, Pestilence, Boils, Hail, Locusts, Darkness, Endless scroll blog format.

But the content is so, so good, it was worth it to post.
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Gorgeous. These hens and this horse alone are worth the frustrating navigation. Thanks for posting.
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What a treasure! I think I've fallen in love with The Magic Carousel. I'm itching to be turning the pages for myself, tracing the illustrations with my fingers.
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Alas, no Kay Nielsen (illustrations). Sad.
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This is so great. I have been browsing the contents on and off for the last couple of days, and my favorites so far:
"Slav Tales" by Maria Zelibska and
"Snow White in New York" by Fiona French.
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