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Gaza's women of steel
Women in Gaza are stepping up as family breadwinners, breaking cultural norms as they strive to make ends meet.
United Nations in Gaza.
In other news could an offshore seaport be Gaza's salvation together with an extended Rail Network.
This is not an I/P post and it would be nice to keep it that way.
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What's an I/P post?
posted by Dr. Twist at 9:47 AM on April 10

Very nice, wasn't it?
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adamvasco I appreciated the 'women of steel' link, thanks for sharing.

Dr. Twist, looks like you've been around for a while but in case you haven't run into this yet: I/P refers to the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict 1, a topic that historically we do not do well on Metafilter. It's fair to think of it as the third rail of geopolitical discussion here. This may account in part for the eerie silence in the thread.

1 Note that this mention of I/P should not be taken as a cue or license to discuss I/P, because oh god what have I done
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