What does Passover tell us about international relations?
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An interesting read. Thanks for posting.
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Mazel tov!
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Yes, yes, God was the one who hardens Pharaoh’s heart, but that just makes the story sound like a seven-year old boy playing both sides of a checkers game.

5) Like everybody else, God just loves fucking with the Jews. See also Abraham & Isaac, Job.
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6) Blood for the Blood God. God really has a thing for blood. It's basically the only thing that sates his divine retribution. Blood sacrifices, animal offerings, he just can't get enough of it. Killing shit and/or burning it gets you all the good stuff. Atonement, even. The Romans destroying the temple spared the lives of countless thousands of lambs and heifers. YHWH is basically Khorne.

Consider that when you fuck with the Israelis.
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All well and good, except that because of America’s prohibitively high barriers to most sugar imports, a lot of food manufacturers use corn sweeteners — i.e., high fructose corn syrup — as a substitute for sugar. Which means that for observant Jews, an entire category of goods that in other countries would be Kashrut is off the edible list for the next eight days.

Observant Ashkenazic Jews. Kitniyot forever, baby.
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