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Head to dwitter to look at and play with (and even create your own) tiny JavaScript demos. Lots of rad programmatic art: scratchy lines, a colorful random walk, some sort of hypercubic butterfly, pulsing and inverting abstract shapes, etc. There's even interactive stuff, both sights and sounds.
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I wish i knew enough javascript to play with this. I don't even know enough to change parameters within already-built doodads. Everything I did just gave me a syntax error. Though, looking at some of this code, I think y'all are yanking my chain.
Mar 13, 2017 10:34 PM}//140/140
Is...is that chinese?
posted by FirstMateKate at 12:25 PM on April 14, 2017

A Chinese system! I know this!
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That does indeed look like Chinese (or Japanese, the hanzi and kanji character sets are closely related) being used as a single-character variable name. In principle that shouldn't be any less legible than single roman character variable names like a, b, c etc. and actually kinda great since a single ideogram is a lot more semantically loaded than a random letter of the roman alphabet—it'd be like naming a variable "q" vs naming it "dog". But that presumes enough familiarity with the character set to actually quickly parse and distinguish the characters, which I lack so it becomes more of a pattern-matching game and you're right back to unhelpfully terse single-character variable names that way.

But, yeah, ridiculous concision seems to be part of the idea, to keep the code super short. You can find people doing stuff like "tweet jams" on twitter sometimes trying to cram a lot of functionality into 140 characters; this feels like a spiritual outgrowth of that (and more generally of decades of stunty short/obfuscated code playfulness).
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First thing I thought of: "You look like you just heard from D. Witter". But then, I'm old.
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ooo0! the onmousemove=e=> ones are fun
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> raindrops

Looks like a dweetstorm to me.
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x.font="1000px Verdana"
x.fillText("MetaFilter", a-(t%4)*a, a/2)
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This one's pretty awesome.
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That's a great effect that looks like the XOR texture.
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