I think maybe I am more like a child’s bench covered with fur.
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My First Trip to Oakland, by Merle (and Sarah Miller).
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blogs for dogs, top trend of 2017.
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The image was slow to load, so I scrolled down and started reading quickly without seeing it, and I had the most wonderfully confused reaction to "I have of course licked scraps out of a hamburger wrapper before but I can count those times on one paw" before understanding the context of what was going on here.

Anyway, now I kind of want to go to Oakland and see this street covered in squashed hamburgers for myself.
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Furbaby-POV blogs were probably only a matter of time, but the entire idea reminds me only of Woofers.
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It's like Uber Kafka but for dogs.
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...Though we had been ignoring each other the entire weekend, we were in this instant the closest of comrades. She seemed to propel herself forward by sailing through the air, while I did so by tearing at the earth, yet our progress was equal, and I swore I could hear her heart pumping within the confines of her pale, silken chest.
This is interesting writing.
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