It's about coming in second and thriving anyway
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Gudetama, a lazy, perpetually weary egg yolk, is a Sanrio cartoon character. Since its creation in 2013, it has become very popular in Japan, and is now starting to find an enthusiastic audience abroad, causing some to theorise that Gudetama may be the cartoon mascot for our troubled age.
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It also covers Aggretsuko, which we have also seen previously.
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Vox paying by the word it seems.
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With Badtz Maru running around the cosmos making trouble, who wouldn't lie around in their cracked shell emoting pain?
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What's the deal with Sanrio thinkpieces and how they are never completely filled with pictures of the character they are about
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"Gudetama is Melville’s Bartleby in unfertilized yolk form."

"It always talks about going home, but never really elaborates on where that would be."

"Gudetama is the Tony Robbins of doing nothing. You can be idle at everything, if you just set your mind to it."

I can't stop laugh-crying.
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I am often ambitious, but when I saw Gudetama I knew it was me. Blobby, unpleasant, selfish, lazy, and adorable.
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He reminds me of Mr Toast and his friends.

I larfed .
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Ha, I'd forgotten about Kirimichan. Kirimichan looks like the Sanrio character design team's meeting ran three hours late and they had to come up with something, anything, before they could break for lunch.
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Only the first image in this article would load for me on mobile, which is pretty appropriate, I guess.
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I was surprised that Kogepan ("Burnt bread") didn't come up, as it is the original slacker food-based character, often moping and drunk on milk. I've been waiting for a revival as my daughter has claimed all of my Kogepan-shaped pillows and I would like new ones.
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It’s easy to spot the villains because they’re usually ugly (Snow White’s Evil Queen)

Say whaaaaaaaaaaat?!?
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Presumably, they mean after she turns herself into the hunchbacked crone to deliver the poison apple.
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Kirimichan won an Internet vote for best new character. Somehow she won over a group of alpacas wearing ice cream, pizza, and popcorn.
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Presumably, they mean after she turns herself into the hunchbacked crone to deliver the poison apple.

Well, sure, but that's a deliberate and temporary disguise. The very premise of the story is that this woman is so beautiful that it's instilled such vanity in her that she can't handle any competition in the looks department.
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I've recommended it before, but another example of Japanese cute-lazy is the character of Panda in Polar Bear Cafe. His age is indeterminate, but it seems like he's a 20-something young adult. His mom is sick of him loafing around the house, and forces him to get a job (at the threat of being sucked up by the vacuum cleaner). He tries to get a job at the eponymous cafe, but isn't qualified for the work. Instead he hits upon a gig at a local zoo, where he is a "part time panda" (as opposed to the full time panda) and provides "service" for guests like rolling around in grass, cutely eating bamboo, climbing on a tire swing, etc.
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Gudetama-themed merchandise is sold at other stores too, including teenage angst supplier Hot Topic.

Well, at least now I know where to go if I need some (more) teenage angst.
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Gudetama and Aggretsuko combined together really reminds me of Yukari from Azumanga Daioh.
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Who are the other characters in the Gudetama cartoons? In particular, who's the guy in the egg-yolk-coloured bodysuit? Is he the person who would have eaten Gudetama for breakfast were its existential ennui not so fatally noncooperative, and now is a sort of foil, like Jon in the old Garfield strips or something?
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Re "so cute you want to take care of it" vs "weird-cute":

Every time I see this comic of the sad baby ghostie I get a STRONG sense of cluckiness that I don't get from other babies. Crying human babies? Ack, someone find their guardian. Crying baby animals? Aww you poor thing. That specific crying baby ghostie? OMG SWEETHEART PLEASE DON'T CRY HERE LET ME CUDDLE YOU AWW HONEY

Like what flavour kawaii is that?

(Also who did that comic? I see it a lot sans attribution)
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